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Simply ask our and AI will reply with the information you need in real-time.

Introducing VisaGeniUS™

A Revolutionary Tool for Immigration

BlueDot is powered by cutting-edge artificial intelligence, revolutionizing your experience and revolutionizing the way you access information.

With the integration of VisaGeniUS, retrieving the data you need is now effortlessly streamlined, eliminating the need to navigate through files or generate extensive reports.

This groundbreaking feature not only saves you valuable time and effort, but also ensures that our system is accessible and user-friendly for everyone.

At the heart of VisaGeniUS lies an advanced natural language processing technology, enabling seamless and intuitive communication between users and our system. By comprehending and interpreting user inquiries, VisaGeniUS swiftly delivers pertinent information and unparalleled support.

Database Search

Ask and you shall receive.

VisaGeniUS empowers you to effortlessly and efficiently perform database queries like never before.

BlueDot leverages the remarkable capabilities of artificial intelligence to comprehend your queries and deliver immediate and precise results.

Whether you're searching for specific immigration cases, monitoring application statuses, or retrieving other relevant case information, VisaGeniUS promptly retrieves the data you require, sparing you valuable time and resources.

Embark on a journey into the future of case management with VisaGeniUS and unlock a new realm of productivity and effectiveness for your practice.

User Guide

Need help? Just ask!

Through the integration of AI, our system has been empowered to search the User's Guide and swiftly retrieve accurate information to efficiently address user questions.

This breakthrough enables users to save valuable time by receiving prompt assistance whenever needed.

Furthermore, the AI-driven support guarantees a consistent and dependable source of information, minimizing the likelihood of human error and fostering trust among users.

Knowledge Base

Want to know the best practice?

If you are seeking the best practices or have a question that is not covered in our comprehensive User's Guide, VisaGeniUS is here to assist.

By searching through BlueDot's extensive Knowledge Base and FAQs, it saves you valuable time and effort in obtaining the necessary information, enabling you to make informed decisions with ease.


What is next?

Automatically extract the content of uploaded attachments to make them searchable.
Help drafting templates for documents, checking grammar and spelling.

and much more ...